Unmanned Systems

Since senior year of high schools I’ve been working on unmanned systems, mainly multicopters, rovers and helicopters. The scope of my work included mechanical design, manufacturing (CAM & CAD) and developing mission control software and autopilots which are capable executing missions which require various payloads like thermal cameras, cargo pods. My senior design project was initially based on swarms of multirotors that would be used for search and rescue missions, later on the project evolved into a airspace traffic management platform for local authorities. The system is currently being utilized by Georgia Institute of Technology.

GreyHat Cyber Security Club

Around 2017 I joined to the Georgia Tech Cyber Security Club. I attended multiple CTFs and had opportunity to listen to presentations from great people and companies in the field. I experimented with different attack vectors and exploits like Wifi De-authentication, arp spoofing and Eternal-Blue. I was fascinated process of learning and applying cyber security skills. I gave a presentations about Wifi, mainly on encryption cracking (WEP, WPA Bruteforce) and also the de-authentication attacks. I also served as the president of the Cyber Security Club for a year. This phase in my college life still helps me to look to my work from security perspective as well. Any project that I work on, I try to set up layered defenses and security measures to ensure highest level of safety that I can provide with the best of my knowledge.

Software Development

Through out GT I had the opportunity to intern at multiple Fortune 500 companies. I also developed software for couple of startups and myself. I worked on lots of different frameworks and roles ranging from cyber security tools engineer to full-stack software developer to unmanned systems software developer. I’ve implemented CI/CD, simulation pipelines, managed “a” scrum team of 3, designed frameworks, created software that scans thousands of cloud resources, and implemented new features to large scale enterprise software projects.