I’ve been working with drones for 4 years now. I worked on rovers, planes and multi-rotors (quad copters, tri copters). My work included mechanical design of the quad copters from scratch, printing them with 3D printers and integrating raspberry pi’s, and other controller cards to have autonomous vehicles capable of carrying various payloads like thermal cameras, cargo pods. Currently my senior design project is on search and rescue drone swarms .



Internet of Things

I always liked connected devices and had a passion for them. In my senior year of high-school I even founded an IoT startup specializing in smart grid with wifi connected plugs. We were planning to optimize the energy grid by allowing users to dynamically schedule the runtimes of power hungry appliances to save them money and also be more energy efficient. We received government grands and approached by a local hardware manufacturer for angel investment.. If you want to hear more, just explore my site! The story will be somewhere hidden in here!

Currently I have my own IoT devices spread in my apartment in ATL and also my home in Istanbul Turkey. I’m still collecting data and optimizing some software. I will be publishing interesting ideas with interesting results!



GreyHat Cyber Security Club

In my sophomore year, i joined to the Georgia Tech Cyber Security Club. I attended multiple CTFs and had opportunity to listen great people in the field. In my free time I experimented with different attacks and exploits like Wifi De-authentication attacks to packet sniffing. I was fascinated process of learning and applying cyber security skills. I gave a presentation about Wifi encryption cracking and also the de-authentication attack. Later through the semester I ran for the presidency and became the president of the Cyber Security Club! This year as a team we will try to attract more students to the club and make it interactive as possible. We will have multiple CTFs and host companies who are from the field.



Software Development

After my first year at Georgia Tech I started to develop software for couple of startups and also for myself. I learned Erlang to work on a chat application, which was running on an ejabberd server. In Summer 2017 I developed a reverse ssh server to interact with IoT devices behind NATs and also web applications with flask. I’m quite confident with AWS. Nearly everything I’ve done so far included an AWS service (including this site). Currently I can code in Erlang, Java, Python and a little bit of C++ (mainly embedded).