Second life for an Android Phone

I bought an Android phone in 2018. When it was new, i used to charge it every other day. After 5 years of daily usage, now the battery lasts around 3-4 hours. I felt bad throwing it to the recycling box. I knew that the issue would be fixed with a battery replacement. So I bought a new battery from IFIXIT and also needed to buy glue for the back pane from Aliexpress. After that I watched some YouTube videos on how to replace the battery, sadly modern phones have glued back panes and require heating to remove the backlid.

After some YouTube videos and probing with a guitar pick we managed to get it open and replaced the battery. The phone now lasts one day without charging. I believe the years of software upgrades and apps made it more power hungry.

Due to this little operation, I realized many things in life are transient, and consumable? Nothing is forever? The device might be working now, but it already stopped getting software upgrades, even though it lives, the tempo of life left it behind.