Skiing Black Diamonds at Crystal Mountain

The first time I started skiing at Crystal Mountain (December 2020), I met two snowboarders with avalanche beacons, they invited me to follow them and have some crazy off route adventures. We all decided to warm up with a black diamond. This was the first time I was going to experience a real black diamond in U.S. All the previous ones that I did was with my dad in European mountains when I was 14-16. I can’t really say I aced them.

Powder Bowl @ Crystal Mountain

I was amazed by the difficulty of the black diamonds, realized that my muscles were burning a lot, and decided to part my ways with the friends that I acquired 35 minutes ago.

3 years and numerous heartbreaks later, I can now ski not single, but double blacks like I ski blues.

One of the secret chutes in Norhtway.

However I still need to improve myself on the following:

  • Leg muscle endurance, after consecutive double black runs, my legs start burning.
  • Courage, I have commitment problems on some of the turns that I have to do. I also get scared while jumping ramps.


Crystal Mountain

I started going to Crystal Mountain actively. I liked it so far. I’ve been skiing since I was 9 years old and I believed that I was an expert skier until I saw native Seattle people cruising through double diamond powder trails like they are going through a green trail. It looks like I still have a lot to learn. This year I will be working on my double diamond and also black diamond skills.

It takes around 2 hours to drive from Seattle to Crystal Mountain. I would recommend leaving Seattle latest by 7:00am to get good time on the slopes. It gets a little cold after 15:00