• Second life for an Android Phone

    I bought an Android phone in 2018. When it was new, i used to charge it every other day. After 5 years of daily usage, now the battery lasts around 3-4 hours. I felt bad throwing it to the recycling box. I knew that the issue would be fixed with a battery replacement. So I […]

  • Bremerton Motorcycle Trip

    I made a solo trip, that I found on this post. It was quiet fun & took 4 hours end to end from capitol hill. I discovered that motorcycles don’t wait for the ferry line, just go straight to the front don’t bother with the long car line <3 Weather The weather was 43-56F, my […]

  • Skiing Black Diamonds at Crystal Mountain

    The first time I started skiing at Crystal Mountain (December 2020), I met two snowboarders with avalanche beacons, they invited me to follow them and have some crazy off route adventures. We all decided to warm up with a black diamond. This was the first time I was going to experience a real black diamond […]