I started this project in my sophomore year of college, however I had to pause because of insane loads of school work and also startup work. I managed to continue a bit in the summer however coulnd’t complete it by then. Now I’m quite close to completion.

The main goal of the project is to make a rover that will always be online and cloud connected. I will be able to access it from anywhere, anytime to travel around my room in Istanbul or my apartment in ATL, U.S. I already have a server on AWS that has couple of raspberrypis and other computers connected all the time. I wrote a tcp socket server for a friend over the summer and he decided to make it open-source, thanks to that now I can use it anywhere and it works quite decently!

The hard part of this project is video transmission from raspberry pi to the server and then the clie

nt. I’m still working on that, but I might to a simple UDP relay on the server and gstreamer on raspi and the client. However I’m not sure whether relaying g streamer packets will be that easy…


The mechanical design changed quite a bit after discovering that I cant rotate the vehicle easily if the surface is not smooth enough. Therefore I decided to remove two wheels! Also put the raspberry pi and the arduino on top also changed the location of the motors

(which effected the center of mass a lot). Now the vehicle looks like this. I actually used this vehicle in a hackathon.


We implemented my VR Rover project in this hackathon, however just to let you guys know, the implemantation was quite poor. lots of python one file scripting and lousy c codes everywhere. In the end of two days (we only worked for a day) we managed to get it kinda working.


I was into making little rovers and stuff while I was in my senior year of high school. Here is the first version of this vehicle:

Interestingly, traction was much better in this verison, however I had excessive vibration. But I don’t think that the four wheeled version is better than this one. I still have the 3D printer bodies, I will resurrect one of them and also test my software stack on one of theese bodies, also my subscribers @ Youtube love interesting designs.I will also publish the files when I finish cleaning them up.

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