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Initially our Junior Design Project aimed to create a platform which allows coordination and monitoring of automated drone missions. I came up with this idea after witnessing the immigrant crisis in Aegean sea. The idea was sending multiple drones equipped with thermal and day cameras to find stranded humans automatically with computer vision. You can read more about the initial vision here

This project was abandoned until May. After May I found someone who is actually interested in such platform and I decided to go for it.

I completed the product and it is currently deployed on two of my clients’ devices. The GUI portion looks something like this: (this is an old mockup of a single page). Since I’m developing this for a client I can’t share the full architecture or the screen shots of the product.

Technologies Used

  1. Django
  2. Arducopter/APM Planner
  3. Nginx
  4. Flask
  5. VPN clients/servers
  6. Single Board Computers
  7. Google Cloud platform
  8. Tkinter
  9. Gitlab, Github
  10. SQLlite, PostgreSQL, Redis
  11. Celery (for missions and tasks)
  12. Gstreamer (video streaming, encoding, recording, playing)
  13. Ansible (for updating and maintaining the single board computers on the drones)


  • Multiple Layers of AES encryption
  • Realtime 1080p 30fps video streaming/recording with multiple drones over 4g or special radio modules
  • Drones can decide what  to do next in an event of a network failure
  • Automated Mission Scheduling/Launch/Recall
  • Weather, sensor health, battery and airspace congestion monitoring and deciding on mission actions autonomously depending on the results
  • Static Mission analysis (checks for collusions, landing and take off sequences)
  • Modular structure, can support new payloads and in future software modules.
  • Extensive logging (Autopilot and also mission computer)

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