Iterating Through Ideas

Initially our Junior Design Project was about autonomous drone swarms which are capable of finding humans in remote locations. Junior Design Project requires us to have a client, so we went to Georgia Institute of Technology Police Department to ask whether they can be our client for our search and rescue drone project. They were happy to help. Through out our project GTPD told us that they needed a platform for managing/book keeping the drone flights at GT. Currently they are using emails to schedule flights and permissions, which is really inconvenient. After thinking about it for couple of weeks we decided to transform our project into what GTPD needs. (We had problems with regulations for autonomous swarms… FAA doesn’t really like drones flying autonomously yet).

So thats how we decided to start on project Icarus Map. Icarus Map is a flight management platform that lets you submit your flight to local gov agencies/officials. Then your flight plan get approved or rejected depending on the regulations. We basically make the permission request process easier for both parties!


The Tech Stack







Current Status:

Currently we are transitioning to django from flask. Our project will be deployed to production in the beginning of this semester! GTPD and GT will be using our platform to schedule drone flights. We are also integrating into a scrum workflow, meaning that we have tickets and sprints. We are adopting CI and automated deployments. If you are interested about our software development process, you can check it on our github org.


Ideally we would like everyone to use our software to manage air space for drones. However in near future this process will have to be automated because of the rising number of drones in multiple different industries (agriculture, construction, etc… )

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